Survive 1st Date With A Chinese Girl – 10 Tips: How to Date Chinese Girls | Dos & Don’ts


Ok i know splitting the bills is totally a norm in many countries, including in china when friends hang out together. But dude, you’re not just looking for a friend are you? Do as chinese do, follow the traditions.

Pay the bill. That’s a gesture girls like. Of course if the girl really insists on splitting the bill, i mean, really really, not just being polite, then go ahead and pay half half. No problem.

But the question is, what’s a really really, really? Like, the girl insisting on 3 or more times, that’s a really really. Or when you pay the bill, she stops you, that’s a really really. however, if it’s confusing to you There’s a way to avoid the awkward situation.

Just say you’ll need to use the restroom, and pay the bill on the way, quietly. It makes everyone feel easy. It’s a way i use a lot when going out with people who tend to fight to pay the bills. But that’s another topic.

Comment below if you wanna know the fighting-to-pay-bills customs in china. I’m not against boys having beard or mustache but most of the chinese girls tend to be more easily into boys with no beard or mustache. Clean face. That’s the king.

We all have characters but on the first date, when you don’t know the person well, don’t be dramatic, you might as well just dress tidy and clean. Usually, if you go to a fancy restaurant, shirts and pants will be good. Boys can never go wrong with shirts. If you wanna play low-key, a clean T-shirt with pants will also do.

Personally i prefer boys with a clean white T-shirt, which is probably why my boyfriend has many white T-shirts. Seriously, no strong cologne please. If a person wears perfume and one minute later after walking by, you can still smell the perfume, that’s too strong.

Chinese don’t like strong perfume, we are just too nice to say it. If both of you’re looking for a relationship, then don’t expect too much on the 1st date. Most chinese girls are not that open to have sex on the 1st date yet.


You may need to wait a while. You know, its really a pain in the ass when boys start to brag about their opinions on international affairs or go too deep on their hometown, or share too much about work. Women are more of speakers than listeners.

I think that applies to all women on the earth. So the safe way is to speak less and just listen. You may also want to do some homework in advance, prepare some topics that most girls like. Such as, tv dramas, celebrities, gossip. You don’t need to know too much details, as long as you throw the topic out there, girls will start talking if interested.

Many chinese girls tend to eat little on dates. A girl may say a piece of bread and some salad will do, while in fact when she’s with friends, she can finish a whole big burger with fries and a big coke and have a bubble tea later. So order more and put more food on her plate even when she says it’s enough. Girl will think you’re really considerate. Don’t just go home after dinner.

Go get some drinks or see movies. If you split bills for dinner, offer to buy drinks or tickets. Bubble tea will be a good idea, a nice bar is also pretty good. If she’d like to see movies, that’s a good sign.

Get 2 drinks and popcorn. just relax and have fun. If you’re in countries like China or the States where cars drive on the right, walk on her left. if you’re in countries like Australia or Britain where cars drive on the left, walk on her right Girls will feel protective and that’s an important factor when girls consider a relationship. I’m not telling you to send her back home, to the door. That’ll be too much, which will make her think you’re up to something.

I’m just saying, you can drop her at her subway station. Or you can say goodnight to her at the entrance to her building. That’ll be legit.

And make sure to wechat her or message her later at night to make sure she’s safe back home. That’ll be also a good chance to ask for a 2nd date. Remember, being genuine is always the most important thing and girls can feel that.

I hope this video helps you and good luck with your dates.

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