Ladies Answer Sexual Arousal Questions That Guys Are Too Afraid To Ask


– We’re confusing creatures. – Women are very confusing, I agree. – And there’s like a thousand factors that go in. Like a guy could just pop a boner. There’s a million factors that go into when a woman feels aroused. – [Voiceover] And now, ladies answer sexual arousal questons that guys are too afraid to ask. What does it feel like? – Metaphorically, it feels like an itch you have to scratch. – When you’re really aroused, you get very wet, like, you know? – Yeah, it gets real. – Like exercise but without hating it.

There’s sweat and endorphins and happy, excitement and your heart’s racing. – It feels like a vagina tingle on the inside. – Or like, (heavenly humming). – To me like being turned on literally feels like magic. – [Voiceover] What turns you on? – Eyebrows. If your eyebrows are on fleek, it’s done. – Have you see Buffy the Vampire Slayer? (laughing) – Good sense of humor. Good style. – The relationship between Buffy and Spike. – Is pretty great. – A nice cock. (laughing) – I could not like something one day and then love it the next day. – Or all of a sudden you’re like totally not into it and then you see a good ankle. – Talented at anything. You could be the world’s best actor and I’m gonna be just as attracted to you if you’re like the world’s wrestling champion. – A lot of times you’re like reading a sexy book or something and then you’re just enjoying that sexy book, you’re not necessarily gonna like finish the book and masturbate. – How does it happen, it happens gradually, like it’s not as night and day. It’s like a journey. – It doesn’t need to hit the high pitch. – Just like mildly horny and you’re just kinda are there and you enjoy it. – [Voiceover] How often do you get sexually aroused in a day? – I don’t get aroused during the work week because I’m too busy. – It depends on how bored I am. – It depends on the day. – Some days not at all. – And then some days, it’s all day. – It used to be a lot more, then I started birth control, and I was like, oh, I don’t do that thing as much as I used to.


I’m like, that’s kinda sad. – Once a day, two or three times a day. – Are you for realsies? I would say five to ten times a day. – A day? Whaaat? – Is that, what have other people been saying? – [Voiceover] What do you do if you get aroused in public? – It’s not uncomfortable the same way I feel like it is for guys cause they have to physically hide a boner where we just like, haha, no one knows I’m horny. – It’s more just like you feel slightly like an amnesiac like, where’d I park the car? (laughing) – For me, I just like carry it home until I’m at the place where I can. – Put it in the spin bank and we save it for later. – I know what that is. – If you kinda just keep it in the back of your head a little bit. – Then you’re like, I’ll bring this up again at a more relevant time. – The spin bank is what you masturbate to. – Ooh. – It’s the bank you keep in your head. – We think of that situation when you’re aroused? – Of people and things. Yeah. – [Voiceover] Is arousal more mental or physical? – Sex is like 90% mental and like 10% physical. – All in the brain. (laughing) – A good make out session can turn me on more than other kinds of foreplay a lot of times.

Like it’s a very mental thing. – Yes. – For me, I think like mental or physical either could be activated first but I certainly need them both on the same page. – And feeling wanted, feeling like the other person like really wants you. That’s like more of the game than any other physical stimulation. – The right answer for me, at least, is it’s 50/50. Like a good, a good chat and a good… – A good bod. – A good feel up at the same time, that’ll do the trick. – The physical part is the most boring part about it for me which is why I think guys get so confused and frustrated because they’re like, I’m doing all these cool tricks. And, I’m like, I don’t need you to do a cool trick. Like, I don’t need, go slow, oh, my God.

Like, I hate it when a guy’s like, yeah, slow is good for like 30 seconds. I’m like, you don’t get it. This is a process, it takes like eight and a half minutes, at least.

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