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– No. – We have. – These are all people – So – I knew in real, our circle – One of ’em was her best friend and then he slept with my sister. – I never told you guys that. – [Kellianne] There’s just a million things. – And there’s like a million things – Oh, you did sleep with my sister? – No. – I was just saying it. – Oh shit. – What? – (clapping) Oh my god! (classical music) – I’m Dustin. – I’m Crystal. This is Kellianne. – That’s my ex-wife. – And that is my current fiance. – I’m Marielle Neesha’s my girlfriend. – I’m Poppy, I am the ex. – I’m Mario. – Barbie. – Mia. – Mia is my ex. – No. – Not weird. – He’s in the wedding. – Yeah, I am the best man. – Yeah, this is the first time we’ve met. – No. – Actually, no it’s not actually. – It, it, I’m actually very okay with it. I was actually kind of excited to come. – Yeah, same. – I feel like I need that more than you two. – Yes.

No! – Who do you think knows you more? – Barbie. – Wow. Damn. – It’s pink. (buzzing) (laughing) – Oh yes, that’s a yes. – Yeah, I’m, I’m a go for that. Or she’s a go for that. – I would absolutely use that, yeah. – I would probably say no, she kinda likes the real thing. – I’d say yes. – Yes, I would use it. – Point for Barbie! – I think she’d use it. – I think that’s a no. – I said no. – Yeah. – I thought it was kinda boring. – It’s like really fresh, it’s like about a year ago. – We broke up April and they got together in June. We didn’t end bad. – Oh yeah, I’m having a great time. – We have two kids together that are amazing and so we both care about them more than ourselves. – And he’s always been my best friend. – [Dustin] Yeah. – Don’t mind me, I’m just here in the middle. – It is a tail – A buttplug – Buttplug. – I do not think she would use that. – I agree. – Only ’cause of the tail. – Only ’cause of the tail, yeah, (laughing) I agree with you. – It’s not the plug that’s the– – It’s not the plug that’s the problem. – I would not use it because it has a tail. – I feel like we might tie. – Yes to the buttplug. – I’m gonna say ixnay. I’m gonna say Neesha’s just gonna laugh at that. – I said yes. – Yeah, we tried but it was, it was a ixnay situation. – Everybody does butt stuff. – She said it was weird, but apparently it is not weird anymore. (laughing) – We do butt stuff. – Ooh.

See, that, that I don’t know. – [Barbie] I feel like she would wear it. – Nah, she definitely wouldn’t use it. – Yes. – Ding, ding, ding. – Really in the lead. – Mario, would you consider. – Probably not. – Just for once. – No. (laughing) (laughing) – I wanna say me because we were together longer. We dated for like three and a half years, something like that. – We definitely did it more. (laughing) – Yeah, yeah, Neesha would use that. – I don’t think so. – Yes, I would use it. (whooping) – Yeah, we’re gonna go with a yes for that. Basically that’s all we used in our marriage. – I had to watch a lot of lesbian porn. – Kellianne, did you ever enjoy sex with me? – Yes, you know that I don’t lie about orgasms.

Just because I am gay, that didn’t mean that I didn’t love you and that didn’t mean that our relationship was anything less. – Yeah. – Which one is easier to hook up with? A female or a male? – I say female. They’re more fun. They go on for like two hours or three hours. – If either of you know anything about me I better hear an answer right as you open your eyes. Okay, one two three go. – That’s a yes. – Yeah. (laughing) I actually like these ’cause of her. (whip cracking) – Ooh. – I’ve seen her do bondage.


She would definitely be into this. – Mia would really use this whip. – Yes. – I have a specific type, so no. – So does she, as you can see. – I don’t think you guys are the same type of type at all. – Listen, no don’t, listen. Every single person that you’ve pointed out when we were dating looks like us. – I don’t think you guys look alike. – She has a type and she tries, she’s trying to deny it. – No. – We have. – These are all people I knew – So. – In real, our circle. – The, one of them was her best friend. And then he slept with my sister. – I had never told you guys that – [Kellianne] There’s just a million things. – Oh you did sleep with my sister? – No. – I was just saying it. – Oh shit. – What? – (clapping) Oh my god! I cannot believe you.

I said no coworkers, no family. – You had two rules Dustin. – I’m glad we’re moving on. This just all went downhill. – Oh. – Oh. – What are these? – What is that? – They’re suction cups. I mean you could put ’em on the nipples. – Have you ever used that? – And you could put ’em on the genitalia, yeah. – Ooh, yuck. (laughing) – Ooh. (laughing) – I would actually say yes. – I get that, but they’re also not attractive. I’m gonna for once say no. – I would say yes. – I’d say no. – I say yes. – Woo! – I have a nipple piercing so that would definitely stimulate really good. – Yeah. – Yes. – Gross. – I love nipple stimulating, no shit. – I know you do, but what about that is attractive? – It feels good. – Look how she’s so mad. – I am mad. – Bring it. (dildo slamming) – Yes. (laughing) Big John right here. (laughing) (dildo slamming) – Yaas! – It is a yes for me. – I’m gonna go with a yes. – Yes, I would use that. – Probably not, I don’t know what she would do with the other side of it. – I say no too. – Yes. – What? (laughing) – I thought it would be fun to try it out. Like, with the other female partner, you know. – Ahh.

Are you interested in like open relationships like that? – I’m down if you’re down. – Oh man. We should definitely talk more about it. – [Mia] Yeah. – This is gonna be a no, Neesha’s not gonna use this. – I think she would try that. – She’d actually try to smack you with this low-key. – If I know her. – Don’t say it like that and then get the answer wrong. (laughing) – If I know her, it’s gonna be a yes. – I said no. – Ooh. It happens. (cheering) – Yes! – Yes! – It’s so lame.

Because, I’m with her, not her. – Ooh, nice. – Oh yay. (laughing) – Ooh. – Oh nice. That’s a lot of percent off. – [Narrator] Yeah. – That’s actually half. – [Narrator] Yeah. (laughing) – That’s nice. I’m actually an engineer, so my math comes easy. – Yay! (laughing and clapping)

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