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Make Sure So what’s the most Annoying Thing about the way men Text I think Probably I hate it when They’re [10]? Oh There’s not Just one Yeah I hate it when They’re very Terse like when you ask a [question] and then They’re Just like Sure That Annoys, me the Guys do this out of the blue as, well They’ll Just send you Something very Short and Sort of Almost it Feels like it’s Too short and low investment [hey] what are We supposed to do with hey Like all the Time and then I just Look at it and get it annoyed and i’m Saying yeah Or just [what] you Think about it Forever Should [I] think About it all day Long I was gonna Say are you just Annoyed or you sort of is it a Combination of? Being Annoyed and also Secretly Somewhere Being glad that he did Text you right but then you overthink it because There’s Nothing There [but] One Word so it can go in A million Directions yeah so you’re like hey, oh he’s Thinking about me Or Word yeah he’s Bored [I] sometimes Think Women might be each other’s worst enemy With this because when they get A? Text out of the Blue The Friends might be like, oh Look See [He’s] Thinking of You that’s True depends on what Friends you have one Depends on who the text is from? That’s That’s like the guy You’ve Been Talking about for [Weeks] do you think that that Friends That Women Too often Tell each other what they want to hear Rather Than tell each other the truth What do you think Depends on your friends too yeah Cuz Everyone?

Has that One Friend that’ll be super straight up with you [No] Nonsense So it’s so Funny when you think About how Many People go Into Some Text Messages Like do Guys Have the same thing where like they have yeah like a Conference table to a friend first like you Don’t want to be Overanalyzing in that Way Because that happens far Too often like A woman will Get a simple Message and Then She’ll Call A tribunal and Brands Like a Google And Then Everyone Gathers Around and They Figure out how to decode something that doesn’t need to be Decoded You send Quick Texts is it any Indication of how much you like Someone No i could be getting out of the Shower it could be Just Coming off Volleyball Games No I don’t [don’t] think that much Into it put the ball in her Court I don’t be too Forward It’s just a message i mean Can’t really Read too much Into it there’s A concept to always Remember When Texting Guys Meet him Where he Is If He’s Barely Investing, don’t invest more Than he Is in your Response I’d rather give Someone Back the level of investment They’ve given Me Not high One Less Letter, [oh] yeah yeah bring it Down a notch [now] [high] Is Just Aggressive Seriously What are you supposed to Text back to Just Hate if Someone Says hey I Put Like Hey Exclamation Mark and leave it at that I wouldn’t Say Another word all right and then you Just go about your Day Like that this isn’t when You Keep Pulling out your Phone like what, did he Say next why, do People And Guys in Particular send such Short messages all [the] Time Laziness It’s like the Caveman Mentality [hey] Just Make Sure to let you know, we’re here get the Conversation Started We want to Keep it Short, We want to Keep it Simple? We want to See Who’s Gonna bite Because? We’re men we’re Stupid so I went on a date with this Guy Um We went up like? Into the Hills great view He Brought Wine [We] like Hung out was A really nice Time and he Followed up after the date With like I love to do that again Didn’t hear [from] Him for like Nearly Four Weeks or so and then he hits me with a miss you miss you is A Yeah yeah, I miss U’s Annoying it’s Really Annoying I want True it’s a lie? Oh it is if he’s like not if He’s the one Who’s not Picked up the Phone or Texted you in Four Weeks and Then He Says miss you it’s like wow how much Could you have Been Missing yeah what is the Definition of miss me?


Most Guys in This Scenario What they’re Really [doing] is they want some Validation Right They want to Say miss you and then, they Want you to come back and be [like] oh I miss you too what you up to what have you been Doing so here’s the? Text I would send him back If he sends you? Miss you out of the blue after not Texting you I’d say that’s so sweet thank you, [oh]? yes by the Way He hates This Text There’s Nothing about the Text fact that he Likes if I ever in my life sent a message to a woman And said miss you and she just went that’s so sweet thanks I’d be like what wait no? Send me something like what do you? Mean so tell me you miss [me] My Ex from like Years Ago he all of a sudden out [of] blue like sent me A text just like Thinking of you Like out of Nowhere to Nowhere [he] [has] [no] [Idea] and you have what, We have like a Conversation?

I was like it’s so Funny I’m Gonna be I’m Gonna Be in Chicago [and] he, was like oh Let’s Make Plans and We May Plan and Let me Tell you? that I got to Chicago and he sent me This Text and he, was like I’m so sorry To Break your heart but I have to cancel I’m very Now The 3rd Annoying Text that men Send Is Thinking of you This is Obviously similar to the miss you Text but I want to tell you how to respond Because there’s A fun Cheeky way of doing it in this Case instead of Saying Thinking of you too you say, well duh The Beautiful Thing about this by the way is it age as Well the longer his Goes to do for the Funnier it Gets Yeah if If Someone hasn’t talked to you in Two years Is even Funnier [It] creates This Little bit of Tension that Makes him want to now start Chasing you but if You Say Thinking of you [too] and if you just Come in Really sweet and Now he’s like okay like She’s Still Thinking it Yeah I noticed that men Really [like] when you’re Mean to them I do? This [is] [A] social Experiment like doesn’t fight [know] right all right No No, Everyone’s Wrong About this know This Let’s Make it know. Let’s Make A Distinction never in my life have I looked at a woman across the room and Gone She’s Cold She’s Mean [She’s] Sarcastic [I] must have her I’ve Never Had that I look at a woman and i say if I spoke to her Did she like Respond in A way that Made Me Feel like she was also attracted to me in the way I’m Attracted to her that’s I think A healthy Thing [you] know Really even Though, we’re Giving These Text Messages We’re not just Talking About texting These Mate Every Single one [of] These principles can [be] Scaled for Attraction in Person in A relationship [and] at every Stage of the Relationship Now None of This is about Teasing or Vilifying Guys that reach out to you after being off the radar what it is About Is Protecting Yourself From Over-Investing Without Severing Connections With the guy Prematurely, we’re Just Trying to show him what your Work A? Woman Whose investment he’s Gonna have to earn?

If Someone Says what you up to this weekend that’s not A? Date Track you know Building I know [but] [they] [Know] But then You’re Seeing They’re going, okay? What Times are my free this weekend okay I’m free [I’ll] Say okay i’m free on Saturday what you? so what are you texting back to that what are you up to this Week When he Says what you up to this weekend I’d say I have a couple of cool things planned why, what’s up? you

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